So what's a Widget Expert??

The world is full of experts—people with enough expertise in their chosen field to make accurate and useful contributions.  The problem is that most projects require expertise in many different areas, and some way to coordinate all the diverse parameters.

If only there were somebody who not only knew one manufacturing process, but was familiar with all kinds of processes:  Someone who was experienced in both business management and production engineering; who understood marketing & sales as well as materials science; had the creativity of an inventor and the aesthetic sense of an industrial designer, but with the cash consciousness of an entrepreneur; and knew enough science & engineering to converse intelligently in whatever technical field(s) your project falls in—physics, mechanics, thermodynamics, electricity, mathematics, chemistry, biology, medicine, psychology, etc. 

A person like this could provide invaluable help, no matter what kind of widget you need.  He'd truly be a widget expert.  Unfortunately, real widget experts are few and far between.  But that's what makes working with Wolf Engineering so much fun—it was founded by one!  And because we're a strategically small company, that's exactly who you'll be working directly with—Mr. Rodney A. Wolf:


Let's Talk

It's always helpful to start with the basics:  Description of part, overall size, drawings or specs if available, special physical or cosmetic requirements, how many you'll need, how soon, etc.

Many, or even all, of the basics might not be known yet, though. That's OK.  Let's discuss what you're trying to do.  Component for a new product? Cost-saving substitute for something you're currently doing another way? A stand-alone product? If you have a component in mind, what does it have to do, and what else does it interface with? 

Please bear with me if I seem a little "nosey." It's for a good cause. When I look at what you've got, my focus isn't so much on the individual part as it is on an integrated solution. The more I understand the whole picture, the more helpful I can be. Many of the parts we've made over the years have features or properties the customer didn't even know were possible when we first spoke.

My goal is to steer you toward what's best for your project, so don't be surprised if I suggest one or more other methods.  It may sound like I'm trying to talk you out of doing business with us. In a way, I am... because I know if I can't, we're most likely the best ones to be working with you.


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