It is customary for an OEM site to invite requests for quotation.  And if you wish to submit an RFQ, we'll be happy to quote a price.  But we're used to working with new products.  And in the real world, new products usually don't start with finished specifications. 

They start with a concept.  Various approaches are considered and evaluated. The most promising are pursued, but the process may go back and forth many times as things like cost structures, available materials, physical properties, safety, manufacture-ability, and many other factors are addressed.

It gets to be sort of a "chicken or the egg" problem. Some of these parameters are defined by the process and manufacturer you end up choosing. So how do you generate product specs and send information to a manufacturer for price quotation without already having feedback information from the manufacturer?

No one is more sympathetic to this conundrum than Wolf Engineering. That's why we don't ask you to fill out a neat little online RFQ form.  We simply ask,

"What'cha got?"

Want a formal quote? You'll get it. Only need a ballpark guesstimate? No problem. Just want to discuss your project and do a little brainstorming? You've come to the right place!

All you have to do is send an email, or a FAX, or just pick up the phone. Any time. (You'll be hard-pressed to find any day or hour when we're not here for you.) Our in-house Widget Expert is ready, willing and able to give you more information, suggestions and ideas than you ever thought you'd hear from one source. 


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