Product/function: Cushioned wrist rest designed for mounting to pull-out keyboard drawer.

Material(s): Self-skin flexible foam with fairly thick skin, molded with steel insert.

Notes: Fabricated steel insert is fully encapsulated. Large cut-outs reduce interference with material foaming and flow in mold, and provide maximum interlock. Two weld nuts provide threaded holes for secure mounting.

Product/function: Cushioned door pull for cab of heavy earthmover.

Material(s): Self-skin flexible foam, heavy skin, molded with steel insert.

Notes: Fully encapsulated heat-treated alloy steel insert provides remarkable strength, yet comfortable resilience. Hole at each end of insert facilitate secure through-screw mounting.

Product/function: High-performance safety bat.

Material(s): Medium/high density flexible foam molded around hardwood dowel.

Notes: Fully encapsulated hickory dowel provides rigidity and performance, while cushioned exterior greatly reduces potential for bodily injury. Molded-in woodgrain texture, highlighted by post-staining, makes natural color version visually undistinguishable from real wood bat.

Product/function: ”Handle” for washroom towel dispenser.

Material(s): Solid rigid urethane.

Notes: Designed to accommodate elbow, for surgeons and others who must keep hands sterile. Close-tolerance molded rectangular pocket provides press fit onto injection molded towel dispenser component.

Product/function: Release handle for hospital bed mechanism. Adjustible cable retainer.

Material(s): Toughened solid rigid urethane

Notes: Handle molded with cast internal threads. Retainer plug molded with mating cast external threads, and slot to admit cable.

Product/function: Motorized needle aspirator bio-specimen collector.

Material(s): High density rigid foam. Multiple components.

Notes: Complex, detailed geometry. Parts snap together. Handle houses battery and motor. Disposable top unit houses tubing for peristaltic pump.

Product/function: Jewelry display stand.

Material(s): Medium density rigid foam.

Notes: Two pieces assembled by press fit of square boss into square socket. (Customer finishes molded parts with flocking, like metal earing holder shown here.)

Product/function: Ball decoration for railing spindle

Material(s): High density rigid foam.

Notes: Precision alignment holes molded into mating faces permit assembly with seamless appearance.

Product/function: Housing for MRI scanner accessory.

Material(s): Solid rigid urethane.

Notes: Edges molded with partial tongue & groove interlock. Two shells are screwed together with flathead screws, molded countersunk holes, and molded-in threaded inserts. Cable attaches to cast internal pipe threads.

Product/function: Hand-held controller.

Material(s): Near-solid density rigid foam.

Product/function: Component of store security sensor.

Material(s): High density rigid foam.

Notes: Interior features designed to house circuit board and other components. Parts were post-painted. Logo applied as thin vinyl decal.

Product/function: Keyboard housing.

Material(s): Solid rigid urethane.

Product/function: Power unit for automatic well chlorinator.

Material(s): Medium density rigid foam.

Notes: Urethane achieves water-tight encapsulation and finished exterior surfaces in a single molding operation. Complex part incorporates many special features. Homogeneous casting embeds an entire circuit board, which includes a timing motor whose shaft is exposed to drive an external component. Also communicating with the outside are an indicator LED, the knob of a speed-adjustment pot, and female quick-disconnect terminals that engage a post-installed plug body. Molded-in PVC tube goes all the way though the urethane part, as well as the circuit board inside. And large cast internal threads engage with jar of chemical pellets installed by end user. (Some of these units have been in the field for 20 years, and are still functioning reliably.)

Product/function: Custom electrical extrusion end plug for particle-detector at Fermilab.

Material(s): Near-solid density rigid foam.

Notes: Wire filament guide bushing achieves precision engagement with plug. Plug encapsulates nine high-voltage electrodes, terminated for soldering to external circuit board. Small threaded through-hole accommodates gas fitting. Precision center hole coordinates with molded wire filament guide bushing utilizing locking taper fit which is gas tight and achieves positioning tolerance of +/-.001”.

Product/function: Brochure holder/display

Material(s): Medium density rigid foam.

Notes: Most wall sections 1/2” or greater, yet integral 1/8” thick center divider was no problem. Plexiglass gets glued into ledge recesses. Parts post-painted with novel suede-texture paint.

Product/function: Electronic instrument bezel.

Material(s): High density rigid foam.

Notes: Cast with holes for unusual button shape.

Product/function: Instrument panel/bezel

Material(s): Solid rigid urethane.

Notes: Bottom edge terminates in delicate ribbing.

Product/function: Decorative end housing.

Material(s): High density rigid foam.

Notes: High-end machine component. High gloss post paint finish.

Product/function: Decorative ”comb” trim, and tubing end cap

Material(s): High density rigid foam for trim, and toughened semi-rigid foam for end cap.

Notes: Trim piece fits perimeter contour of a different molded part. End cap designed to snap into steel tube and withstand kicking and scuffing. Urethane and in-mold coating are same matched color, so even gouges are unobtrusive.

Product/function: Display stand cap/literature holder.

Material(s): Medium density rigid foam, two color post painting.

Notes: Large durable custom stand topper with acrylic covered flat sign holder and two literature holders on each side.

Product/function: Cosmetic/structural component of retail exit security sensor.

Material(s): Medium density rigid foam.

Notes: Excellent use of urethane versatility for multiple function/feature component. This part is a structural cross-member, mating with custom extrusions, while serving as a base bracket for other molded components, an antenna holder, and a multiple housing for speaker and electronic display components.

Product/function: Swivel mechanism base for computer monitor.

Material(s): Medium density rigid foam.

Notes: Brass bushing molded in place. Low-silhouette platform supports very heavy monitors. Molded features in bottom coordinate with several cables/accessories. Post painted with attractive splatter texture finish.

Product/function: Industrial machine housing component.

Material(s): Toughened high density rigid foam.

Notes: Cost-saving direct replacement for very expensive machined aluminum component.

Product/function: Ink cartridge holder for specialty printer.

Material(s): Solid rigid urethane.

Notes: Many interface features and numerous post-applied threaded inserts. Urethane permitted economical alternative to injection molding for 1000 - 8000 quantity range.

Product/function: Adapter component.

Material(s): Medium/high density rigid foam.

Notes: Provides mounting of heavy off-the-shelf hardware component to custom molded plastic component. Complex double-undercut composite flexible core produces precision acoustical pathway between mating components.


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